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Cookie Policy

This text of “Cookie Policy” contains information about the cookies used on the Türkiye Radyo Televizyon Kurumu (“TABII”) website and application. The cookies described below are collected on the TABII website.

What are Cookies?

Cookie is a file required for a website to recognize users on their future visits to the website. This file is associated with and special for the user and is commonly used to ensure the functioning or more efficient functioning of the websites and to help with the provision of the reporting details and customization of the services or advertisements. It can be only read by the web server defining the code and is not a virus. It saves time for the users and automatically remembers and repeats the answers given to the digital platforms with which they are registered, on their future visits. They are generally files that are recorded when the users visit websites and online services. They are also commonly used for helping with the provision of the reporting details and customization of the services or advertisements.

Purposes of Use of Cookies

Mandatory cookies, technical cookies, verification cookies, targeting/advertisement cookies, personalization cookies and analytical cookies can be used on digital platforms depending on the purpose of use. Permanent cookies can be used depending on the duration in which users and/or visitors are active and the purpose of use. All cookies used on our website are mandatory cookies required for the functioning of the website.

Mandatory Cookies:

Use of certain Cookies is mandatory for the proper functioning of our website. These cookies are collected for the following general purposes:

  • - To perform a visit analysis and increase visiting performance of website and digital platforms of our Corporation

  • - To analyse the requests of users and visitors and to ensure the configuration of performance settings and satisfaction of visitor requests

  • - To increase national and international functionality of the website and the digital platform

  • - To facilitate the achievement by the visitors of their goals during their use

  • - Enabling utilization of functions needed for TABII to provide services, such as confidentiality preferences, logging in, access to contents, search and/or form completion functions.



Targeting Cookies

These cookies may be placed by TABII and/or by the third party advertisement partners. These cookies may be used to create a profile addressing your areas of interest as a user and to display related ads to you on TABII or on the other sites.  Instead of directly storing your personal information, these cookies singularize your browser.  You may choose to allow these cookies or you may deactivate them at any time.  

Performance Cookies

We use these cookies to count visits and traffic sources in order to measure and improve the TABII performance.  These cookies help us see which pages are more popular and track the activities of our visitors on our website and application. 

The special purposes regarding cookies are given in the following table.

Cookies used on our Website and our Digital Platforms:

Google Adsense




Google Adwords Conversion


Twitter Advertising


Google Dynamic Remarketing


Google Tag Manager


Google Analytics

Website and mobile application analytics

Google Optimize

Website A/B test and personalization


Website use recording and display service

GA Audiences

Site analytics


Mobile Analytics


Analytics and Notification /


Advertisement Campaign Analytics

Facebook Connect

Social Media


Social Sharing Service


Android test application distribution and collapse notice

Facebook Ads SDK

Target setting and conversion monitoring for the app installation campaigns


Legal Ground for Collecting Cookies

The cookies may be processed in line with the following personal data processing conditions set forth in article 5 of the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698: “When data processing is mandatory to protect the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject are not harmed” and “When the processing of the personal data belonging to parties to a contract is necessary, provided that it is directly related to conclusion or performance of such contract;” and in line with the following data processing conditions set forth in article 6 GDPR: “When the data subject grants consent to the processing of their personal data for one or more specific purposes; or when processing is necessary for the application of a contract to which the data subject is a party, or for taking certain steps before conclusion of a contract, upon request of the data subject, or for protecting the vital interests of the data subject or any other natural person”.


Use of Cookies

Users and/or viewers can personalize their preferences regarding all cookies by changing the cookie use preferences on TABII digital platforms. However, for some of the cookies which are mandatory for the functioning of the websites, applications and digital platforms, users and/or viewers do not have a choice and their requests cannot be managed in this respect. If disabled, some cookies prevent various functions of our website and all of our digital platform applications, and therefore, we would like to inform you that our website or digital platform applications may not function if you prefer to disable them.

How can I control the use of cookies?

You have the opportunity to customize your preferences in relation to the cookies by modifying your browser settings. Please visit the links on the following table for further information:

Adobe Analytics


Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox