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About tabii
What is tabii?
tabii is a global online streaming service that allows its users to watch TV shows, movies and tabii Originals on demand. Now it is only available in Türkiye. Soon tabii will be availble all around the world. Register now and don’t miss the chance to explore tabii world.
What type of shows will be available to watch on tabii?
You can watch a wide variety of high-quality, family-friendly and award-winning shows, movies, documentaries and many more tabii Originals. The more you watch, the better tabii gets at recommending TV shows and movies we think you’ll enjoy.
Are there good shows for kids?
Yes, tabii is a family-friendly platform with shows that everyone can enjoy.
Can I watch shows in other languages?
You can watch your favourite shows in Turkish. You will soon be able to watch tabii in multiple languages including English, Urdu, Arabic and Spanish.
In which countries can I watch tabii?
tabii is available in Türkiye right now and will be available globally soon.
Is tabii available on any other platforms?
tabii is available on Roku in the US, United Kingdom, and Mexico. tabii is available on YouTube globally.